About us

Respect for origins, courage to innovate:

at The Court Dining Experience, chef Phillip Lange creates culinary works of art from unusual ingredients.

What we value

Respect for the origin, courage to innovate: The Court Dining Experience focuses on the appreciation of every dish and every ingredient. You won't find traditional dishes here; instead, you can expect a fascinating combination of seemingly incompatible dishes that merge into a culinary work of art in the hands of chef Phillip Lange. With dishes designed and prepared in a multi-sensory way, all the senses are stimulated here - from the first sight to the last bite.

A melting pot of cultures: the menus, which are adapted seasonally every two months, reflect Düsseldorf's vibrant and diverse food culture - exquisite, dynamic and characterized by influences from Little Tokyo's culinary tradition.


To accompany your chosen dish, you will also find a selection of excellent wines. You can choose your wine from our walk-in wine cellar with the advisory support of our service staff.

Beer lovers will not miss out with us either. We offer an assortment of selected German beers.

Our spirits selection includes a variety of high-quality and handpicked products from all over the world. From exquisite whiskies and aromatic gins to exotic rums and fine tequilas, we have something for every taste.

We will be happy to advise you on the appropriate choice of beverage or create your personal favorite drink.

We are looking for reinforcement for our team!

Is there a suitable and interesting position for you? Then apply now and send us your detailed application documents to:


Tue. - Sat. 17 - 24 a.m., last menu order until 9 p.m.
Sun. + Mon. rest day