For the love of our environment

Natural pleasures in harmony with the environment:

The importance of our sustainability mission at THE COURT.

In a world where sustainability and conscious action are becoming increasingly important, we at THE COURT are not only committed, but passionate about revolutionizing the way we create culinary experiences.

We want to show you how important sustainability is to us and how deeply these values are embedded in our culinary identity. The choice of what ends up on your plate can have a significant impact on our environment. That's why we source our meat, fish, vegetables and even our bread with the utmost care. We pride ourselves on building collaborative relationships with farmers, fisheries and producers who share our belief that quality and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Our meat comes from animals raised in a manner that respects their species and our fish suppliers use sustainable fishing methods to protect the oceans and their inhabitants. When selecting our vegetables, we prefer local suppliers to minimize transportation and support our community. Even our bread is carefully selected with environmentally friendly ingredients and production methods in mind.

However, our mission goes beyond selecting sustainable ingredients. We strive to minimize food waste by using smart preparation methods and portioning techniques. But it's not just about what ends up on your plate. We believe in creating awareness and educating our guests about the importance of sustainability in the restaurant industry. By dining with us, you become part of those who are helping to protect the health of our planet and leave a thriving earth for generations to come.

THE COURT is more than just a place where you can enjoy exquisite taste experiences. It is a place where you can actively become part of a sustainable future. We are proud to serve you delicious meals prepared with love for the environment. Together, we create a culinary experience that fills not only the palate, but also the heart.

Welcome to our restaurant, where sustainability is not just a word, but a promise we live by every day.

Premium Qualität

From tender meat to delicate fish, and even in the case of our exquisite oysters, we place the highest value on sourcing only from partners who focus on responsible cultivation and breeding methods.

Species-appropriate breeding and husbandry

Our meat and fish suppliers are committed to species-appropriate animal husbandry and sustainable fishing to ensure that every moment of enjoyment is also a contribution to the conservation of natural habitats. We are proud to work with these producers who not only deliver great products, but also contribute to positive change in the food industry.
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