For the love of our environment

At The Court, sustainability is an important pillar of our gastronomic philosophy. We treat food with a high degree of respect and appreciation. Our aim is always to get the best out of every piece of food and thus minimize the amount of wasted produce.

Transparent supply chains ensure that our ingredients are sourced ethically and sustainably. The close relationship with our suppliers allows us to guarantee the quality and freshness of our ingredients, while ensuring that they are produced under fair conditions.


The menu is also adjusted seasonally every ten weeks at most to ensure fresh and high quality ingredients while helping to reduce food waste, allowing us to take advantage of the freshness and variety of produce that each season has to offer while ensuring that we do not waste valuable resources.

In addition, seasonal cooking also has a direct, positive impact on the environment: by reducing transport routes and using artificial farming methods, we minimize our ecological footprint and help to conserve natural resources. So not only can our guests enjoy delicious dishes, but they can also be sure that they are helping to protect our environment while they dine with us.


In contrast to simply following trends in gastronomy, we follow a timeless philosophy of cooking: we believe in the principles of good cuisine based on traditional techniques and a deep understanding of the quality of ingredients. One example is the "low waste" trend, which chef Philipp Lange has learned like most well-trained chefs worldwide. We understand that the true art of cooking is to work with as little waste as possible. That's why we do everything we can to make the best possible use of our food and give it the appreciation it deserves.

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